[arin-ppml] Further revisions to 2008-2?

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Fri Aug 29 15:23:54 EDT 2008

Milton L Mueller wrote:
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>> But in addition to (re)debating those points, I'd love to hear any further feedback on how folks think we should revise 2008-2.  There will be a consensus call on it at L.A., and I'd like to have the best possible
>> proposal on the table when we get to that point
> I may have made my view on this known, but in case not:
> * Authenticate sellers only, do not bring the RSA or LRSA into it. 
> * Reduce the "freeze" for buyers from 2 years to 1 year in line with the
> survey results. 
> * Implement immediately, don't wait for "free pool depletion"

I'm still on the fence about supporting the proposal due to concerns 
about paid transfers in general, but I think these changes make sense, 
do not hurt the proposal in any meaningful way, and are more consistent 
with the other RIRs if we do end up deciding to go down that path.

> * put a 3-4 year sunset on the geographic restrictions, re-evaluate that
> issue after a while

I'm opposed to this, however.  If the proposal is implemented, we can 
still modify it at any time in the future if consensus is gained.  I am 
opposed to any "sunset" provision that would kick in at an arbitrary 
point in the future without another trip through the policy cycle to 
build consensus in light of the actual circumstances of that time.

Also, we would need a global policy, passed by all five RIRs, to 
properly implement inter-region transfers. We still don't know if 
intra-region transfer proposals will pass in _any_ region, nor what 
their differences may be if/when they do (and so far, there are many).  
Let's not borrow that trouble today.


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