[arin-ppml] The LRSA $100 fee...

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Fri Aug 29 15:13:43 EDT 2008

John Paul Morrison wrote:
> Existing domain registrars can process orders, invoicing, payment etc. 
> for $10/year.  To reduce overhead, a single $100 fee could be charged up front and cover a 10 year period.  It doesn't take any more work for ARIN to enter "today's date + 10 years" instead of "today's date + 1 year" in a database.
> If ARIN really can't deliver service at that level, then those functions should be contracted out to a private operator or operators in the same way that .com registrations are handled.
> ...
> But I am not opposed to simply signing up and paying a fair rate for a service that is limited to the whois and reverse DNS functions, as long as it's clear that is all I am signing up and paying for. If a policy tries to link reverse DNS/whois service with signing some other agreement, then I'm not in favor.

I hate to quote myself, particularly after only a day has passed, but I 
think my prior response to another commenter addresses your points as 
well, and you appear to have missed it in the flood of comments:

> I'll point out that the $100/yr maintenance fee is the same charged to 
> _any_ org that has _any_ number of assignments under RSA or LRSA.  Now, 
> if you'd prefer to pay $10/yr per object, like you do with domain names, 
> that's a valid suggestion to put to the BoT, who are the folks that set 
> the fee schedule (not PPML).  If you think that a flat fee is good, but 
> that [$100 is] too high, consider the number of orgs that have dozens to 
> hundreds of objects, and that has to be averaged out.
> ...
> Also, please keep in mind that all fees contain a contribution to 
> support the public policy process, outreach activities, and other 
> resources and services for the community at large that inherently must 
> be "free" to the beneficiaries.


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