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> Existing domain registrars can process orders, invoicing, 
> payment etc. for $10/year.
> To reduce overhead, a single $100 fee could be charged up 
> front and cover a 10 year period.
> It doesn't take any more work for ARIN to enter "today's date 
> + 10 years" instead of "today's date + 1 year"
> in a database.

It is my humble opinion that domain name registrars suck.  The
best of them provides lousy service and near-useless WHOIS.  
Competition has ruined registry services by starting a race to
the bottom in price and service.

It may be the case in an all-IPv6 world that very little 
processing is required for initial allocations/assignments.
Until we have better-automated authentication, changes to 
records will still be expensive in labor.  We could go to a
transactional model, but then every update (for community 
benefit) has a disincentive fee.

> As far as Legacy Agreements go, I see no reason so sign 
> anything now that might waive any rights I may (or may not) 
> have, in advance of some other ruling compelling me.

What rights do you have that would be waived under the Legacy

> But I am not opposed to simply signing up and paying a fair 
> rate for a service that is limited to the whois and reverse 

What's fair?


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