[arin-ppml] The LRSA $100 fee...

John Paul Morrison jmorrison at bogomips.com
Fri Aug 29 13:02:54 EDT 2008

Existing domain registrars can process orders, invoicing, payment etc. 
for $10/year.
To reduce overhead, a single $100 fee could be charged up front and 
cover a 10 year period.
It doesn't take any more work for ARIN to enter "today's date + 10 
years" instead of "today's date + 1 year"
in a database.

If ARIN really can't deliver service at that level, then those functions 
should be contracted out to a private operator or operators
in the same way that .com registrations are handled.

As far as Legacy Agreements go, I see no reason so sign anything now 
that might waive any rights I may (or may not) have, in advance of some 
other ruling compelling me.

But I am not opposed to simply signing up and paying a fair rate for a 
service that is limited to the whois and reverse DNS functions, as long 
as it's clear that
is all I am signing up and paying for. If a policy tries to link reverse 
DNS/whois service with signing some other agreement, then I'm not in favor.

I think it is reasonable to pay for the basic services that are 
provided, and reasonable for ARIN to suspend whois and reverse DNS to 
those who don't pay.

Failure to keep up to date on paying for one's whois and reverse DNS 
service might eventually become part of the criteria in a legal ruling 
or policy that one has abandoned their IP address space and it can be 
returned to the community. Failure to have DNS and whois records could 
also impact your ability to route or transfer those addresses.

The situation is a lot like property taxes (without getting into whether 
IP addresses are free-hold property or a long term lease).
You may not like the fact that the frontier has grown up into a city 
around what used to be wilderness, but now you have to pay your property 
If you don't pay, problems will stack up for you. You may not get thrown 
out, but you'll have a hard time doing things, and eventually the tax 
man will get paid.

On 8/29/2008 9:22 AM, John Curran wrote:
> As a result, it seems a good idea of address block holders to pay
> a nominal amount to insure that the common registry was maintained
> regardless of registration services activity going on an RIR.  I do
> not know whether $100 is the right number or not, but setting it to
> any lower number today runs the risk that that processing costs with
> receiving purchase orders, invoicing, collection begin to offset
> receipts significantly.  It's relatively to easy to lower if we get
> to that world, and put the same level of automation in place that
> the domain folks have, and see that we're over-recovering compared
> to operating costs.
> /John
> (speaking personal views and without
> consultation w/fellow Board members)
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