[arin-ppml] Results of Transfer Proposal Survey

Jeremy H. Griffith jhg at omsys.com
Fri Aug 29 10:58:33 EDT 2008

On Tue, 26 Aug 2008 15:59:36 -0500, "Bill Darte" <BillD at cait.wustl.edu> wrote:

>No-one had to answer any question...therefore the could have skipped to
>the bottom and said NO....
>but....to ask the question....
>All those against a liberalized transfer policy of any kind...please
>reply saying so...

<raises hand/>  Me.  I'm one of those legacy Class C swamp dwellere.
I have absolutely no intention of selling "my" addresses, and see
no reason anyone else should either.  I can see justification for
ARIN to offer incentives to those who don't need all they have,
perhaps in the form of reduced fees.  But I do not think we as a
community will benefit from making money replace need as a criterion 
for address assignment.  That's privatization, not stewardship.

Personally, I don't meet the current ARIN criteria for need
because I cannot justify half of a /22.  I'm not an LIR.  But
I certainly can justify need for *some* PI space.  When this
debate began, I seriously considered whether I could return
part of my /24 to help; I could live with a /28.  But my main
upstream dissuaded me on the grounds that nothing below a /24
was routable, and therefore I would accomplish nothing.  I
suspect that anyone with a legacy Class C is in the same boat.

As to supporting whois service, I've kept my contact info
current since 1992.  The beneficiary of this service is *not*
me; in fact, I tend to suffer for it, since I'm sure it's a
source of spam.  But the *rest* of the community benefits
from knowing who to call in case of trouble.  Charging me for
this "service" seems like a more cynical manipulation than
I believe ARIN capable of.  I hope.  ;-)

That means that for me, the LRSA has no benefit at all.  While
$100/year isn't that much, it's about what I pay for ten domains
at the moment.  And ARIN is hardly hurting for income; in an
earlier thread, the problem was that ARIN wasn't spending fast 
enough and was accumulating more surplus than the IRS allows
for nonprofits!  So my $100 would make that problem worse... 
or, it could go to an orphanage in Afghanistan I'm helping:

--JHG <jhg at omsys.com>

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