[arin-ppml] ARIN's Authority - One view (was: Re: LRSA concerns)

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Thu Aug 28 14:44:56 EDT 2008

True, if you frame it that way: NEVER stop thinking like a techie if you
are one, but strive to consider also the economic factors driving your
technical options and how policies might alter them. If you think like a
policy person, however, you look not only at your own choice
constellation but at the aggregate of other people's choices and how
your choices might affect theirs and vice versa. That can be difficult.
And apologies again if anyone was offended by my original construction.
This debate (while vital) is getting tedious and we're all getting a bit

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> I'd encourage the opposite. DO think like a techie down in the
> trenches faced with the immediate problem that you've run out of IPv4
> addresses and it's no longer possible to get more from ARIN. What do
> you do? The answer is not hard to find.

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