[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Whois Authentication Alternatives

Lee Dilkie Lee at dilkie.com
Wed Aug 27 17:56:53 EDT 2008

Micah Anderson wrote:
> People keep saying this about the $100, as if this was well
> established fact, based on some data. Why do people keep asserting
> this, I'd like to know what I missed. 
Many months ago I asserted that I *do* have a problem with $100/yr for
simply maintaining a whois and reverse lookup database. The cost is
excessive for such an obviously trival task (considering the infrequency
of changes).

Other will, and have, pointed out that ARIN spends lots of $ vetting new
assignments and that's where the money goes. To which I answered, what
does that have to do with me? If new assignments cost more to approve
than they used to, then those costs should be born by the new assignees,
much like land development charges that cities apply to new development
> Personally, I'd like a clear idea of the costs involved to run
> whatever service I am getting before I would say if $100 was a good
> number or not. It may seem small to people with large corporate
> budgets, but small non-profit organizations tend to be misers with
> good reason. Until I've seen good reason, I am not interested in
> spending $100/year.


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