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Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
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It depends on whether you are more concerned with a short term monetary gain
or the continued well being of the internet as a whole.  If the only thing
you are concerned with is a short term profit taking then being able to sell
your IP addresses would be a windfall.  If you want to be able to continue
to use the internet, or you would like perhaps to be able to get what IPv4
addresses are left in the future without paying exorbitant fees then it is
not so good. 

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Alain, as a person from an ISP wouldn't the ability to sell IPv4 resources
freed up by a conversion to IPv6 add anything to the incentives of ISPs to
make the migration? Of course that is more a matter for your business
officers but I suspect that it could make a difference. 

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> Recent ARIN stats showed that most addresses have been allocated in 
> large or very large blocks. This is a direct consequence of the market 
> concentration. Other recent data showed that what would be potentially 
> available via a liberalized

> transfer policy would mostly be legacy Bs & Cs. 
> Those blocks are simply too small to meet the global demand.
>   - Alain.
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