[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Whois Authentication Alternatives

Micah Anderson micah at riseup.net
Wed Aug 27 13:42:32 EDT 2008

* Kevin Oberman <oberman at es.net> [2008-08-26 16:50-0400]:
> Thanks you, Stephen! Someone finally stated the obvious. A complete
> registry is of benefit to everyone. (I think that this is probably "the
> commons" to which Randy was referring.) Rest assured that the $100 is not
> an issue keeping  most legacy holders from signing the LRSA.

People keep saying this about the $100, as if this was well
established fact, based on some data. Why do people keep asserting
this, I'd like to know what I missed. 

Personally, I'd like a clear idea of the costs involved to run
whatever service I am getting before I would say if $100 was a good
number or not. It may seem small to people with large corporate
budgets, but small non-profit organizations tend to be misers with
good reason. Until I've seen good reason, I am not interested in
spending $100/year.


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