[arin-ppml] Legacy space holders were a big part of thecommunity... i.e. all of it.

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Wed Aug 27 13:08:25 EDT 2008

On 27 Aug 2008 michael.dillon at bt.com wrote:

> > 1. the Assigned or Allocated Resources are unique
> They are NOT unique. All they are is numbers and ARIN 
> can do nothing directly to prevent others from using
> the same numbers. Anyone whose job lets them see inside
> other organizations networks knows that there is a lot
> of usage of non-registered IP addresses out there, mostly
> hidden behind NATs but not always.

This is to be a convent between ARIN and the Assignee that is it, no one 
else.  Are you telling me ARIN is suppose to assign the same number to 
more than one entity.  I'm not asking ARIN to say anything about what 
others do only about what they do.  No where in policy or the contracts does 
it say ARIN can't assign the same resources to two different groups.  That is 
all I'm asking for here.  It may seem obvious, but I can't find it said 
anywhere, it is that simple.

So if ARIN is suppose to be able to assign the same resources to two 
different groups then what is all this about IPv4 exhaustion.  Just start the 
counter over, problem solved, some how I don't think it is that easy. :)

> > 3. the Assigned Resources are 
> > in the context of the Internet are for the undistrubed use or 
> > benefit of the Assigned Entity 
> Not sure how that would fly since the regular RSA address allocations
> have no Internet restriction, and RFC 2050 which predated ARIN, also
> notes that it is not necessary to use the addresses on the Internet in
> order to justify an allocation.

I have worded this badly, I'm try to say that it is limited to the domain of 
Internet Protocol Addressing and has no bearing on some other domain of 
32 bit numbers.  I'm open to better wording.

> --Michael Dillon
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