[arin-ppml] Stepping forward, opening my mouth and removing all doubt about

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Wed Aug 27 11:34:03 EDT 2008

For those who complain about the lack of participation PLEASE TAKE 
NOTE of this.  It is an excellent critique of how we do things on PPML.  As 
the ARIN Board works on revising the Internet Resource Policy Evaluation 
Process (IRPEP) maybe another role for the Advisory Council (AC) is to 
provide a summary of both sides of the argument and pointers to more 
information.  In Denver there was talk of web forums and other tools for 
input that might make this a little easier. 

On 27 Aug 2008 Stewart Dean wrote:

> how clueless I am.
> At some point, I joined this list because something I was doing
> related to it. In the course of time, either from membership here or
> because I'm the Tech POC for 12 Class Cs, I got the transfer policy
> questionnaire, and I rarely felt my ignorance so keenly.  I had only
> the vaguest idea of what the questions meant, much less having an
> informed opinion of them.  I spent some time over the next 3 days
> flogging Google and www.arin.net to try to educate myself.  At the end
> of that exercise, I understood something about questions and was able
> to respond to them....but I really never did find much that spoke
> clearly and unequivocally on what they were about.  Why wasn't there a
> linked resource explaining the background of each question, the pros
> and cons or each side?  All the documentation I could find was
> scattered here and there and was colorless and passive-voiced...like
> reading a telephone book....yes, there was data but what did it mean?
> What is a liberalized transfer policy?  Whose ox is getting gored?  I
> guess this is a minefield and perhaps saying anything would
> precipitate a flame-war, but what doc there was related poorly or in
> such an inobvious way that it didn't make much clear.  Like presenting
> a Noh play in Wichita...*whatever* are those people doing and talking
> about????
> BTW, one of the problems about being sysadmin in a small shop is that
> you have to be a Shiva Nataraja generalist in a world of rapidly
> expanding requirements and areas of expertise...and unless you're a
> glow-in-the-dark genius with an eidetic memory, your ignorance grows
> exponentially.
> :(
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