[arin-ppml] Results of Transfer Proposal Survey

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Wed Aug 27 09:59:15 EDT 2008

Scott, thanks for clearing that up. 
I wonder whether the 50-50 response to that question reflected in part
the ambiguity of the meaning. 

Anyway, as you probably know I think the full-fledged pre-qualification
you suggest is a bit too much bureaucracy -- but a liberalized address
transfer policy with such a requirement is better than none at all. 

My only quibble with an otherwise very useful and important survey is
that it was probably a mistake to bundle a question about seller
authentication with a question about sellers signing a LRSA. If legacy
holders want to get rid of addresses they are not using, short of good
authentication ARIN shouldn't put any barriers at all in their way. A
stubborn insistence on pushing legacy holders into contracts seems
utterly pointless to me when the _recipient_ of the transferred
addresses will of necessity be incorporated into the contractual regime,
and so over time nearly all v4 address holders will come in.

And I can't resist adding that I did not take the survey, got too busy
during the period it was circulated, and am now quite amused by the
people who did take the survey reasserting their opposition, as if this
somehow increases their numbers. ;-) 

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> From: Scott Leibrand [mailto:sleibrand at internap.com] 
> The intent behind the question was that pre-qualification on the 
> transferor side would consist of authentication, plus 
> (assuming there is a consensus for it as hinted in the responses 
> to #3) some sort of contractual agreement, such as an RSA or LRSA,
concerning the 
> addresses. 
> Having such a contract in place backs the authentication 
> process up with 
> some legal teeth, and increases everyone's confidence in the 
> authenticity 
> of the relationship between the addresses and the 
> organization offering 
> them for transfer.  Similarly, pre-qualification requires that the 
> organization goes through that process before they list the space for 
> transfer on a listing service (or eBay), so that potential 
> recipients know 
> that the person offering to transfer the space has a 
> legitimate right to 
> do so.
> -Scott
> Milton L Mueller wrote:
> > An assessment of the ARIN survey is up at the IGP blog.
> > 
> http://blog.internetgovernance.org/blog/_archives/2008/8/26/38
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