[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Annual WHOIS POC Validation

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Tue Aug 26 13:42:52 EDT 2008

If the POC e-mail address is heavily filtered then it defeats the purpose of
having a POC
e-mail address.
If you are in favor of 180 days, then why not simply support the "whois POC
e-mail cleanup" proposal
since 180 day turnaround is pretty much equivalent to not having any
turnaround at all, and don't
support "Annual WHOIS POC Validation"

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And how is that any different then what you have had to deal with over the
past 10 years? Email isn't the only option. There are other tools available
to help in these situations. Your email might be getting filtered for one
reason or another.

I'm for changing it to 180 days. ARIN sends out bills to current members,
mostly via email. Since those bills do get paid, then someone is getting
those emails. 

Aaron Dudek

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> Even 180 days would not be excessive considering we are
> dealing with a situation that has existed for decades
> already.  Another six months is not going to tip the canoe.

The whole point of having an e-mail address on the POC is in
case there is a problem with the addressing, it allows other
admins on the Internet who are suffering the ill effects of
the troublesome IP range to e-mail the holder of the range and
get them to fix the problem.

180 days turnaround time for me e-mailing an address holder
because he has an attacker who has hijacked those ranges and
is DDoSing me to death, it totally unacceptable and is making
a mockery of the requirement for address holders to have
current contact info.


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