[arin-ppml] ARIN's Authority - One view (was: Re: LRSA concerns)

r ay ray at snewisp.com
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So that makes ARIN the loan shark, charging the street corner
pimp for protection??

I was of the understanding as well, that the legacy's would be left
alone. Im only talking about one class C however. There are plenty of
them out there that are likely wasted.

Make it easy to transition!

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> The only direct implication of the LRSA with respect to IPv4 
> depletion is each legacy holder who signs the LRSA is one 
> less block that is subject to being hijacked in the coming 
> period of IPv4 free pool depletion.  We can do a lot to 
> refresh contact information, but a current contractual 
> agreement is the best protection.

Frankly, the existence of a large number of legacy holders
who refuse to sign the LRSA would be a Good Thing from one
respect.  Reason being is that it would increase the amount
of trouble that IPv4 would be for the Internet community
post-IPv4 runout, and would be a big incentive for people
to start considering the IPv6 network on the Internet as the
more trustworthy of the two.

Think of the IP numbering pool as a city and IPv4 as the red-light
district full of moldering brownstones and IPv6 as the nice new
mall/retail/condo section.

All of us are living in the brownstones right now but
in 20 years most of us are going to be in the strip mall & condo
section, shaking our heads over the morning paper at the
latest hijacking in the IPv4 district and writing letters
to our city to put more cops in there to run the bums out
of town.

The Legacy holders who cling to their large IPv4 holdings are
going to end up with the pimps, whores and drug dealers of
the IPv4 Internet.

In healthy cities with good urban renewal programs that do not
have a collapsed central core, every year the red light district
gets smaller and smaller because the amount of trouble it causes
is disproportionately higher than the benefit it brings to the
city (especially since most of the porn has gone online these days
the adult bookstores aren't even putting money into the city tax
roles anymore)

So, I encourage the Legacy holders that don't want to stop
using their IPv4 holdings.  The more of you that are out there
doing it, the quicker the rest of us will get tired of dealing
with all the trouble your causing and the faster we will switch
to IPv6 and leave you to your crummy network.

How's that for a visual? ;-)


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