[arin-ppml] Whois Integrity Policy Proposal

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From http://www.arin.net/registration/legacy/ question 2's answer:

"The first important benefit is the contractual promise to continue receiving WHOIS and IN-ADDR services. ARIN currently provides those services free to all legacy resource holders who maintain contact with ARIN. This could change if the community so desired. Correspondingly, we understand Legacy holders don’t want to receive free services from the community, but are willing to pay their fair share of the expenses."

It seems to me that the bulk of responses from legacy holders to PPML are not favorable to ARIN having any rights to the resources they received pre-ARIN.  So, perhaps it's time to revisit "This could change if the community so desired" in the paragraph above.  If ARIN has no relationship at all with the legacy space, including providing whois and in-addr.arpa services, then a lot of these discussions are moot, no?


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What "legacy agreements"?  Are there contracts in place which bind ARIN to provide services?  

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