[arin-ppml] Legacy RSA (was: Whois Integrity Policy Proposal)

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> >    Not an issue.  ARIN can't prevent you from breaking the 
> > law with those
> >    addresses (i.e., we don't control your content), but it 
> > would be bad for
> >    ARIN to continue providing service to an entity knowing 
> > they had used
> >    that service to break the law.
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> > Does ARIN really want to be in the business of investigating crimes?
> Absolutely not, and I don't advocate that.  
> The scenario provided was, 4.d.ii, "(ii) be found to have violated any 
> applicable laws, statutes or regulations by a ruling of a court or 
> government regulatory agency."
> This is further clarified in the same paragraph: "A definitive finding
> of a violation of law or regulation when established by a decision of a
> national, state, or other government authority regarding (i) through
> (iii) herein should similarly be sent to ARIN's General Counsel for
> ARIN's review and action."

This begs the question of "Who's law?" There are businesses (on-line
casinos) operating completely legally in some ARIN countries which are
considered illegal by the US and, if the owners of those companies set
foot in the US, they are subject to arrest and some have been arrested,
convicted and imprisoned.

Even within the US, there are businesses that are explicitly legal under
state laws in many states and illegal under federal laws. (I'm talking
about medicinal pot). 

Does ARIN really want to get into this tar pit?
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