[arin-ppml] LRSA concerns (Re: Policy Proposal: Whois IntegrityPolicy Proposal)

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Thu Aug 21 16:44:17 EDT 2008

I don't see a meaningful distinction between "normalizing the
relationship" and "governance," if "normalization" includes signing a
legally binding contract that gives the signatory both entitlements (an
authenticated claim on resource use) and obligations (e.g., to pay a
fair share of ARIN costs). 

Maybe you find the G-word scary, I can understand that, but people
coming from political science, economics and organizational theory use
the term to mean the same thing you seem to mean by "normalizing the
relationship." But maybe the term means something different to you.

Milton Mueller
Professor, Syracuse University School of Information Studies
XS4All Professor, Delft University of Technology
Internet Governance Project:

> -----Original Message-----
> Governance? Is that what the LRSA is about?
> I thought LRSA was about normalizing the relationship between ARIN and
> the resource holders who predate it, authenticating the resources (to
> fight hijacking) and getting those holders to pay a fair share of the
> whois/rdns operations cost.
> Perhaps asking for the LRSA to also be about governance pushes the
> legacy registrants further than they're currently willing to go.
> Regards,
> Bill Herrin

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