[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Whois Integrity Policy Proposal

Howard, W. Lee Lee.Howard at stanleyassociates.com
Thu Aug 21 15:40:13 EDT 2008

> "Trust me" arguments have no place in global governance 
> processes. 

That's why we need contracts.

> If you 
> don't sign a contract with ARIN, what's your alternative?

You propose a competitive RIR structure?  Wouldn't that
inherently generate a "race to the bottom" of least responsible
allocation policies?

> I suspect they are more concerned about the application of 
> "justified need" standards that would take away addresses 
> they currently have the option to use, 

Does this cover that issue?
10.(b) ARIN will take no action to reduce the services provided for
Included Number Resources that are not currently being utilized by the
Legacy Applicant.

> or which would prevent them from selling them. 

That's going into a completely different policy proposal. 
Is your concern that [if a legacy holder signs the LRSA, and if a
liberalized transfer policy passes,] the legacy holder may not
be able to get as high a price, because they could only transfer to
an organization that can demonstrate need?  If so--is that why
your organization was allocated those addresses in the first place?

> Milton Mueller


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