[arin-ppml] LRSA concerns (Re: Policy Proposal: Whois Integrity Policy Proposal)

Paul Vixie vixie at isc.org
Thu Aug 21 11:34:21 EDT 2008

> > what's your proposed fix?
> The contract termination process is the linchpin. Fix that part so
> that the registrant holds the power and all the other problems are
> academic.

perhaps my own lack of perceived conflict between my role as LRSA signer
and ARIN trustee makes me a bad dayjob CEO or a bad ARIN trustee, but when
i signed ISC's LRSA, i knew it was inseverable in all practical senses, and
i *liked* that.  having a bunch of ungoverned and ungovernable legacy
blocks and legacy holders running around makes it very hard for the
community to act in a concerted fashion around things like WHOIS privacy,
paid transfer market development, minimum allocation sizes, and lots of
other things falling under the umbrella of "stewardship".

arguments of the form "LRSA is bad because of its inseverability" boil down
to "i as a legacy holder do not want my use of this resource to be governed
unless i happen to like the direction that governance is taking me" and
while i can see why some legacy holders might hold that position i don't
see it as likely that the ARIN community will come to that as its
consensus.  but i'll watch for signs that the sense of the community is
tipping in that direction.  and i'll ask that KC address this in her next
survey.  note that ARIN exists to serve the whole community, not just its
members, so you needn't fear a "tyranny of the majority" on LRSA policy.

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