[arin-ppml] Legacy RSA (was: Whois Integrity Policy Proposal)

Howard, W. Lee Lee.Howard at stanleyassociates.com
Thu Aug 21 10:11:40 EDT 2008

Yuck, HTML email.
Not an issue.  ARIN can't prevent you from breaking the law with those
addresses (i.e., we don't control your content), but it would be bad for
ARIN to continue providing service to an entity knowing they had used
that service to break the law.
I have trouble imagining any organization with any integrity saying, "I
won't sign this agreement because I'll get in trouble if I break the
law."  And again, my sympathy for that organization is low.


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	I believe Bill Herrin's example has to do with content - and it
appears there is a seperate section in the LRSA about that.  My guess is
"Evil ARIN" couldn't have it both ways.. revoking you for content and
disavowing control over content?
	4.e:  Content Control. Legacy Applicant acknowledges that
content transmitted over the Internet occurs in real time. Accordingly,
ARIN does not have the ability to control content accessible through or
facilitated by those who receive number resources, directly or
indirectly, from ARIN. 

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