[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Whois Integrity Policy Proposal

Eric Westbrook arin-ppml at westbrook.com
Thu Aug 21 01:24:01 EDT 2008


Thanks so much for your clarification of intent.  I want to apologize to you
publicly, because I do think I came off in this thread as a bit presumptious
about your intent in this proposal without having spoken to you directly.  I
meant no such implication toward you; my intended point was that *if* the
measure was really intended to achieve legacy assimilation as a deceptive
side-effect, or if anyone supported it exclusively for that outcome, that
such action would be disingenuous.

I stand by my analysis and recommendation that the mechanism proposed does
not achieve the stated goals.  Clearly, improving whois integrity and
authenticity of updates could hardly be called a bad thing.  But I've seen
no compelling argument that an RSA, in itself, does anything toward that
particular goal; at least not anything that other mechanisms can't do more
directly or simply.

Reducing fraud and spam is a lofty and virtuous goal that I think most (if
not all) of us would readily enjoin.  Personally, however, I think getting
legacy holders under contract is more of a business imperative than a
technical problem-solver.  Candidly, in my opinion, any legacy holder that
isn't a little worried about what will happen at or near the inevitable
exhaustion inflection point (the ipv6 singularity?) is probably either
incompetent or ignorant.  I also don't dispute that LRSA assimilation has
potential value to the community as an objective (in fact, as a non-RSA
legacy holder, I am currently wringing my own hands over it in a vigorous
internal self-debate); in this thread I only intend to assert that it
doesn't solve this specific problem and therefore doesn't warrant this
specific action.

Thanks, and again, my apologizes if I offended you with any unintended

Best regards,
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