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> Policy Proposal

>On page 16 we see that a full 10% of /all POC's in the database/ were last
updated /before ARIN
>existed/!  That's over 17,000 individual entries that really should be
verified.  Even if it took
>only 5 minutes to make a phone call or send and e-mail, read the reply and
check the record that's
>still a half a man-year just to do the basic checks.  If only 5% then
needed an hour of work to track
>down the holder that's another 4+ man YEARS of work.

I just finished sending a policy proposal in defining this very process.
in a few days we will see it and people will feel there is some merit.  A
very light
grooming can be automated and ARIN should
be able to be trusted to use discretion to attempt verification of the
larger blocks.

>If we really wanted ARIN to go back and verify all of these old entires I
could see them adding 3-4
>staff and the process taking 2-3 years.  Who's going to pay for that?  The
good people who've been
>paying their bill every year for the last 10 years providing free service
to all the people who can't
>even keep a valid e-mail on file?

We either pay for it this way or we pay for it by cleaning up messes caused
criminals hijacking blocks.  Which do you prefer?


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