[arin-ppml] Address Range transfer question

Stewart Dean sdean at bard.edu
Wed Aug 20 16:02:17 EDT 2008

My deep thanks to everyone who responded.  The signal to noise ratio on this
list is the highest I've ever seen.  Even the disagreement is is thoughtfully
argued based on experience, and the wisdom quotient is very high.  Your answers
put me way ahead.

When I first started trying to understand what was going on with ARIN (started
by the ARIN transfer survey, which didn't explain the substance or background of
any of the questions), I felt like I'd wandered in Chinese water torture...a
whole lot of blahblahblah without any sense of where it was leading or why they
(whoever they are) are doing this.
I now understand they are in the unenviable position of annoying everyone as
they try to burn off enough fog to survey and begin regulation of the territory.
  Nothing much was previously charted or regulated so they are trying to make
some kind of start....and virtually anything they do will annoy someone.

Right now, I am getting my ducks in a row before contacting ARIN...and I now 
have a much better idea of what challenges/opportunities are involved, and what 
I might do about them.........


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