[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Whois Integrity Policy Proposal

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Tue Aug 19 19:03:01 EDT 2008

On 19 Aug 2008 Paul Vixie wrote:

> ...
> > ... I have also heard that said counsels are more concerned with some of
> > the provisions in the LRSA than they are regarding the uncertainty of the
> > status of their legacy resources.  ...
> i'd like PPML to hear from those counsels directly, or to hear their words,
> literally.
> ...if anyone else has a first hand account of something a corporate counsel said
> when presented with the LRSA, or if some corporate counsel wants to speak in
> their own words, then i think it's something PPML should hear.

Remember Michael was talking about University and State Government 
counsel not necessarily corporate counsel, there are many differences in 
these organizations.  Not the least of which is that Universities and State 
Governments are bureaucracies that are frequently 100 to 200 years old 
and have special immunities in the law.  The contractual risk profile for them 
is completely different than the typical resource holder, legacy or otherwise.  

However, ARIN counsel seems to understand the unique legal issues of 
Universities and State Agencies.  He even stated in the Denver session on 
the LRSA, that he can work with Universities and State Agencies to find 
proper language for the typical legal issues Universities and State Agencies 

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