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 Personally I don't see the benefit to stretching anything out, it just
prolongs the agony and the inevitable.  My suggestion is to just keep going,
do the best we can the way we are doing it now, and when the well runs dry
it is dry.  People have been well forwarned and when the need is here maybe
then v6 will get more attention.

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Is the goal of the thought to throttle demand or to stretch out available
supply? By itself, it would not change either. The idea would need to
incorporate a time restriction, in addition to the single best fit, in order
for it to change anything other than creating more application requests. 

To use the example below, an organization needs a /15, but the only blocks
left are 2 /17s, 1 /18, 5 /19s and 2 /20s. If the idea became policy, an
organization shows it needs a /15 for the next 12 months.
ARIN would allocate the /17. That would accommodate the org for an average
of three months. Three months later, all things the same, they would apply
again for a /15 for the next 12 months. They would get a /17, and so the
loop continues. 12 months later, they would have a /15, but through
submitting ten applications instead of one.

By only restricting allocations to a single best fit, it does not change
demand or the IP consumption rate. It only changes how many times an
organization has to go to the well for a drink. A single best fit proposal
would also need to say that x is the only allocation the org can have for x
months, in order to also control the frequency of allocations made.

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