[ppml] FW: No transfer policies are needed

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Tue Apr 22 05:20:56 EDT 2008

> There's the beginning of such an issue list here:
> http://www.civil-tongue.net/6and4/wiki/HistoricalData
> > We need to encourage people to file bug reports on IPv6 so 
> that things 
> > can be fixed. Perhaps ARIN could solicit specific bug reports and 
> > operate some kind of issue tracking system for these.
> Ditto.

That wiki is better than nothing, but I would rather see NANOG
or ARIN or somebody like Team Cymru, operating something that
looks more like an issue-tracking system. The kind that software
development projects use. This gives you the ability to report on
the number of open issues in each class of severity which, in turn,
gives you some simple numbers to report publicly as a rough measure
of progress. If somebody OWNED IPv6, then we would already have 
something like this, unfortunately the IETF created IPv6, then flung
it out in the world to sink or swim on its merits.

--Michael Dillon

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