[ppml] FW: No transfer policies are needed

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Mon Apr 21 20:37:19 EDT 2008

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> > >> There's an IPv4 black market now.
> > 
> > > can you describe it?  how many transactions, what dollar volume, 
> > > what average price, is it all sales or also leasing, how do they 
> > > manage whois, is it done by M&A of shell companies, when did it 
> > > first begin operations, is volume growing or shrinking, how many 
> > > participants?  things like that.
> > 
> > paul, what is it about the term "black market" is there 
> that you seem 
> > not to understand?
> probably nothing.  as to what i know i don't understand, it's 
> how arin could make meaningful or useful policy that takes 
> into account unprovable assertions about unmeasureable 
> forces.

Until some examples of successful black market behavior in IPv4 are
cited in this forum, claims that a black market exists
are nothing more than political horse pucky 

It's as bad as the Republicans wanting to pass the flag-burning laws
when there's no evidence that flag burning has occurred in 99.9% of
the times that they claim it has.


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