[ppml] FW: No transfer policies are needed

Chris Grundemann cgrundemann at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 17:49:19 EDT 2008

On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 2:40 PM, Stephen Sprunk <stephen at sprunk.org> wrote:
> Thus spake <michael.dillon at bt.com>

>  > Paradoxically, in addition to harming the people who are
>  > unable to buy addresses,
>  They are no more harmed than they would be if exhaustion hit and there were
>  no market.  This is a red herring.
I disagree for two reasons; one is based on who is being harmed, under
'standard' exhaustion organizations are harmed based on their IPv6
adoption, in a market exhaustion scenario, those with less money are
harmed at the expense of those with more resources available.  The
second is that those that are harmed in a market scenario are likely
harmed worse because the companies with more resources are prolonging
their IPv4 usage which inherently delays ubiquitous IPv6, which in
turn puts an organization w/o IPv4 in a foul position.
>  > the transfer policy HARMS the organizations who succeed in
>  > buying addresses because they lose large sums of money which
>  > reduces their ability to move to IPv6.
>  It is not up to you to tell other organizations how to best allocate their
>  funds.  If some folks decide that paying for IPv4 space is better _for them_
>  than migrating to IPv6 (if that's even possible), so be it.  I'll also point
>  out that for every party "harmed" in your view this way, there is another
>  organization _receiving_ money to help fund their migration.
I disagree based on the premise that in the vein of stewardship, it
/is/ up to ARIN to tell organizations what is best for the community,
even if that is at odds with what the organization had previously
planned to do. No matter what is done, the truth is that everyone will
eventually have to adopt IPv6 in some form. Once the majority of
organizations begin v6 adoption a catalyzing effect will help to ease
everyones progress and delaying IPv6 propagation will increase the
pain for everyone IMHO. So if it is better for the community as a
whole for everyone to move to IPv6 sooner (I believe that it is), than
it is the responsibility of ARIN to 'coax' them to do so.

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