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Nigel Cassimire nigel.cassimire at ctu.int
Mon Apr 21 14:19:32 EDT 2008

Edward Lewis wrote:

> Putting currency units on numbering resources is something I fear. 
Sure IPv4 is limited, but it sets the stage for IPv6 trading later, 
perhaps, or 2-byte AS numbers.  Being that I work for the North 
American Numbering Plan Administrator I am curious what happens to 
telephone numbers.  (I need to ask.)  I doubt that there would ever 
be a "monetization" of them because of the heavy regulation already 
in place.

My Comment:

My experience is that when a telephone numbering range becomes exhausted,
additional digits are added to the addressing scheme and the dialling
pattern is changed universally. Many times, there is a so-called permissive
dialling period during which either the old (exhausted) or new (expanded)
dialling pattern may be used successfully but this is only a temporary
transition mechanism. 

Of course in the Internet world we are looking at keeping both addressing
schemes in service indefinitely. The analogy to the telephone service would
be to incorporate the whole of IPv4 into an appropriate v6 range.

I also favour avoiding "...putting currency units on numbering resources..."

Nigel Cassimire
Telecommunications Specialist (Consultant)
Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU)

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