[ppml] Policy Proposal 2007-21

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Sat Apr 5 22:12:29 EDT 2008


Yes, they can sign either the RSA or LRSA.  If your customers consider 
both of those unacceptable, they are free to remain without an RSA for 
their legacy IPv4 space, and acquire IPv6 space under existing policy, 
with a new RSA covering just the IPv6 space.

This policy is intended to remove the disincentive for small legacy 
holders to move to IPv6, by allowing them to get provider independent 
IPv6 space to go along with their PI IPv4 space.  Anyone who already 
qualifies for IPv6 space, however, would not be affected by this policy 


Kevin Oberman wrote:
> I have not seen much discussion of this proposal, the first one to be
> discussed in Denver. I am unclear on one issue.
> The proposal states "each of which must be covered by a current ARIN
> RSA". Is this the standard RSA, the LRSA, or either of the above. As I
> read the proposal, it's either of the above.
> Is there any concern with whether this might impact IPv6 uptake,
> especially of the LRSA is not acceptable. 
> Our customers almost all have significant legacy space and two have run
> the LRSA past their lawyers and been told that the LRSA is not
> acceptable. Since they are multihomed, they will need a direct IPv6
> assignment and they tell us that they will not do any work on
> non-experimental IPv6 use unless they have a direct assignment. 
> I don't know how common this might turn out to be or whether it is
> really significant in the grand scheme. I am confident that, if the
> network moves significantly in the IPv6 direction, our customers (and
> their lawyers) will come to look at the situation differently and the
> LRSA or even the RSA will start to look more reasonable. :-)
> But if there are a large number of potential early adopters who take
> this position, it might not be a good thing.
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