[ppml] Revision to 2008-3

Steve Bertrand steveb at eagle.ca
Fri Apr 4 08:31:05 EDT 2008

> I would think that the ARIN fees would be relatively small in comparison 
> with the hardware and ongoing transit, power, and operational costs 
> involved in maintaining such a network, 

I was thinking the exact same thing on the way to the office this morning.

> OK, so the proposal is for a financial as opposed to a technical 
> differentiation between community networks and conventional LIR/ISPs, 
> correct?
> In that case, would it not make more sense to provide for a hardship or 
> not-for-profit fee structure (to be reviewed periodically) for such 
> organizations, and leave the technical definitions alone?

I still don't see any benefit to new definitions (community network or 
non-profit) being implemented. What will be gained by adding complexity 
and additional overhead to administration/management (be it technical or 

My opinion is that the definition for LIR/ISP within the NRPM is well 
defined, black and white. If you are not an IR and/or ISP, then (whether 
paying or not) you are a consumer (referred to as customer/end-user).


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