[ppml] Revision to 2008-3

Jay Hennigan jay at impulse.net
Thu Apr 3 16:42:20 EDT 2008

Edward Lewis wrote:
> I'm against it as written.
> To keep my rationale short, I'll refer to two messages by Owen 
> Delong, paraphrasing:
> 1) A community networks should be defined by having a status such as 501c3.
> 2) The example 501c3 should not have been mentioned.
> Reading the proposal now, I would consider my local cable operator 
> (Northern Virginia Cox) to qualify as a community network.  I don't 
> need or expect answer to this on PPML, but after reading the 
> discussion and proposal - what's an example of a "community network", 
> as in "a real life example?"  And "why would they need special 
> dispensation?"  How do they differ from an LIR/ISP?

As I understand the intent, from a technical/engineering standpoint a 
community network resembles a local or regional ISP.  In my opinion they 
should be considered an LIR by ARIN, as opposed to attempting to define 
them as a separate type of entity.

 From an administrative standpoint, they are more along the lines of a 
co-operative than an ISP.  Think of them as like a food co-op instead of 
a supermarket.  Unlike your cable operator a community network doesn't 
have customers, it has members.

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