[ppml] Revision to 2008-3

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Thu Apr 3 05:07:21 EDT 2008

> In my opinion, the policy needs to at least be specific 
> enough that it does not provide openings to be exploited by 
> PACs, random religious, political, or other groups organized 
> in the interest of furthering an agenda in favor of some 
> subgroup of society.

This goes against the spirit of the ARIN charter, if not the letter.
ARIN has no justification to create policies which are prejudicial 
against some class of organization. IP address policy must remain 
firmly rooted in the technical requirements of IP addressing. 

If political lobby groups, religious organizations, or any other group
organized to further the agenda of some subgroup of society (say
wants to get IP addresses from ARIN, they should get them on the same
terms as any other group. 

--Michael Dillon

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