[ppml] Revision to 2008-3

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Wed Apr 2 19:51:36 EDT 2008

On 2 Apr 2008 michael.dillon at bt.com wrote:
> By the way, I am opposed to any special treatment at all
> for non-profits. If ARIN is going to issue allocations for
> the use of a single geographic community, then it should b e
> irrelevant whether the recipient of the allocation is a
> profit-making or non-profit organization. 

I think it is relevant, not because I think non-profits should be treated 
specially, but because a Community Network needs to be first and foremost 
acting in the communities interest.  And it is difficult if not impossible for a 
for-profit organization to first and foremost act in the communities interest.  
By definition it is first and foremost to act in the fiscal interest of the owners 
or share-holders of the organization.  Not-for-profits is one of the ways our 
society has created to create entities that act in the communitys interest.

I'm not saying that for-profit entities can't and don't act in the community 
interest, it is usually good business to do so.  But if for some reason it wasn't 
good business to act in the communities interest, a for-profit organization is 
obligated to act in the interest of the owners or share-holders and not the 
communities interest.

> The key criteria
> should be that the addresses are to be used within the 
> community. In fact, I would be in favor of ARIN allocating
> addresses to a community without any recipient at all. In 
> that case, the reassignments would be done by ARIN or some
> agent of ARIN.

Not that I necessarily don't like this idea, but how do you propose this might 
work in more detail?   Would this be for personal use only, commercial use 
too; what size assignments /64s, /60s, /56s; route table issue; what kind of 
fee structure are you thinking of; This seems like a lot more work for ARIN.

> --Michael Dillon
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