[ppml] Revision to 2008-3

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Wed Apr 2 05:36:10 EDT 2008

> I absolutely oppose the idea of including organizations 
> organized under 501(c)5, or equivalent, for this purpose, 

Aha! We have a lawyer on the list. 

Could you kindly take a look at the Income Tax Act and let
us know which sections apply and do not apply, to your
criteria for which non-profits should be eligible for
special treatment?

By the way, I am opposed to any special treatment at all
for non-profits. If ARIN is going to issue allocations for
the use of a single geographic community, then it should b e
irrelevant whether the recipient of the allocation is a
profit-making or non-profit organization. The key criteria
should be that the addresses are to be used within the 
community. In fact, I would be in favor of ARIN allocating
addresses to a community without any recipient at all. In 
that case, the reassignments would be done by ARIN or some
agent of ARIN.

--Michael Dillon

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