[ppml] Proposal for the creation of a working group.

Raul Echeberria raul at lacnic.net
Tue Apr 8 19:10:25 EDT 2008

For those that are following the ARIN XXI 
meeting, this is the email that I mentioned in the mike.
The frist goal of a working group like this would 
be to explore the feasibility and/or convience of this kind of policies.

If somebody from ARIN community want to become 
involved in an initiative like this, please contact me.


At 10:17 a.m. 09/10/2007, Raul Echeberria wrote:

>Dear all:
>I would like to share with all of you this
>proposal. Since it is not a policy proposal, I
>don't know really how to proceed, but I guess
>that it is enough to send it to the list.
>This proposal doesn't intend to substitute the
>Policy Proposal "2007-16 IPv4 Soft Landing" and
>is not incompatible with the discussion of this
>proposal and/or its eventual adoption.
>I will send the same proposal to the others RIRs'  poilicy lists.
>Proposal for the creation of a cross-regions working group
>Some proposals have been submitted through some
>RIR’s policy development process, which focus on
>the gradual modification of the requirements for
>receiving IPv4 addresses as the pool of unallocated IPv4 addresses diminishes.
>Most or all proposals which have been made appear
>to be incomplete and ineffective if approved in
>only one region. Therefore, it is proposed the
>creation of a working group made up by two
>appropriate respected individuals active in the
>policy process within each region’s community.
>These ten individuals would work on one or more
>joint proposals that could then be processed in
>every region according to their corresponding policy development processes.
>The objective of the working group would not be
>to produce proposals for global policies, but
>proposals to be sumbitted to every RIRs. The
>conclusion could be, of course, that the
>proposals should be different in each region.
>Since the proposal (if there are any) should go
>later through each Policy Development Process,
>there will not be any impact of this proposal in
>the independence of each region to adopt the
>poclicies that are considered more convenients.
>Naturally, the proposals that have already been
>presented in relation to this issue would be
>important input for this working group, one
>possible conclusion being that these proposals
>contain the best possible policies and should be
>presented. Without this level of coordination, it
>will be difficult to obtain proposals to be
>submitted for discussion in all regions with
>reasonable chances of success. One member of
>each  RIRs staff would also participate in this working
>group, in the capacity of observers, so as to
>provide all the support, advice and information
>that the group deems necessary. IANA will also be
>invited to appoint up to two persons to the working
>group in the same condition of observers.
>The working schedule would be defined by the
>group itself, but it should be anticipated that
>the proposals, in case it is decided they are
>needed, be presented for their discussion as soon as possible.
>The following are some of the ideas that have
>already been presented either formally or
>informally and that will be available  for the
>consideration of this working group (but not limited to) :
>·        Increasing the requirements for
>receiving additional allocations as IANA’s
>central pool of addresses diminishes.
>·        Adding to the current requirements the
>requirement to develop the availability of IPv6 infrastructure.
>·        Reducing the sizes of the blocks that
>are allocated as IANA’s central pool of addresses diminishes.
>·        Including within the gradual increase of
>restrictions the requirement that when one RIR
>runs out of addresses the others will
>automatically be moved to a more conservative
>phase in order to minimize RIR shopping.
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