[ppml] 2008-1 - Please reiterate your support or objections

Bill Darte BillD at cait.wustl.edu
Tue Apr 1 11:58:58 EDT 2008


I am an Advisory Council shepherd for this proposal and will be
presenting on behalf of the author at the Denver public policy meeting.

Policy Proposal 2008-1
SWIP support for smaller than /29 assignments
Author: Joe Maimon

I would ask everyone actively engaged or lurking on ppml to review this
policy proposal at:

It is important that the Advisory Council receive adequate feedback from
the community to assess a consensus for or against this proposal (and
all other, too) or consensus that it is worthy, but in need of further

Please register your support, objection or suggestions by concise
statement to the ppml between now and the meeting next week.

Thank you for your involvement and continuing support of the proposal

Bill Darte
ARIN Advisory Council

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