[ppml] Revised Proposal -- Eliminate Lame Server Policy

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Sat Sep 15 20:04:37 EDT 2007

Thanks, Owen.  I would support this revised proposal, as it does a good 
job of moving public discussions of operational procedure over to the 
ACSP, while retaining a general policy mandate supporting such activities.


Owen DeLong wrote:
> Based on discussions with the AC Shepherds and input received on the
> mailing list, I am revising my Lame Server proposal.
> 1.	Policy Proposal Name: Deprecate Lame Server Policy
> 2.	Author
> 	a.	name: Owen DeLong
> 	b.	email: owen at delong.com
> 	c.	telephone: 408-921-6984
> 	d.	organization: JITTR Networks
> 3.	Proposal Version: 2.0
> 4.	Submission Date: 11 September, 2007
> 5.	Proposal type: modify
> 	new, modify, or delete.
> 6.	Policy term: permanent
> 	temporary, permanent, or renewable.
> 7.	Policy statement:
> 		Replace Section 7 of the NRPM in it's entirety with the
> 		following text:
> 	7.	Staff action to improve ARIN public database accuracy and
> 		consistency.
> 		7.1	ARIN staff shall take reasonable and practicable means to
> 			ensure and improve the accuracy of all ARIN public
> 			databases, including, but, not limited to WHOIS,
> 			delegations of the in-addr.arpa zone, and, delegations
> 			of the ip6.arpa zone.
> 8.	Rationale:
> 		Recent PPML discussion has called attention to the
> 		fact that lame DNS delegations are more an operational
> 		issue than one of policy.  As such, the existing lame
> 		delegation policy should be removed from the NRPM
> 		to remove the resultant confusion.  This is not meant
> 		to prevent ARIN staff from taking reasonable action
> 		WRT DNS operational issues related to resources issued
> 		by ARIN, but, such action can be covered by staff
> 		operational guidelines and is not within the scope
> 		of Address Policy.
> 9.	Timetable for implementation:
> 		1 June, 2008
> 10.	Meeting presenter: Owen DeLong
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