[ppml] ULA

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Sep 18 11:23:33 EDT 2007

> Interesting. Not only can you register your RFC 4193 ULA address in  
> this
> global registry:
> http://www.sixxs.net/tools/grh/ula/
> You could also ask a friend at a smaller ISP to give you a /48 from
> their vast allocation. With so many ways to skin a cat, it is clear  
> that
> ARIN doesn't need to worry about it from a policy point of view.
Yes and no.

I agree that ARIN doesn't need to make policy with regard to ULA.   
However, I
do think that the situation above makes it pretty clear that we  
either need
a good universal PI policy going forward, or, the IPv6 swamp will,  
be built out of ULA and randomly distributed /48s and /64s.

Organizations need portable addressing.  Eventually, the internet is  
going to
have to simply solve the scaling problems associated with the current
interdomain routing paradigm.  I believe this will require a paradigm  
most likely involving some form of ID/Locator split.

I propose a relatively light-weight and backwards compatible mechanism
here:  http://www.delong.com/IPRouting

I welcome comments on it.

However, my fear is that as long as the IETF and router vendors believe
they can get away with extending the current paradigm, efforts to truly
resolve this issue will be delayed until it approaches a crisis.  At  
point, it will probably be too late to take graceful action in time.


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