[ppml] New RFC about inaddr-arpa PTR records

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Thu Sep 13 13:14:50 EDT 2007

My comment on this is that I fail to see any relevance here.

This draft RFC contains no language that requires anyone to
do anything.  The word "must" doesen't even appear in it.
So assuming it is published, there is nothing in it to
obligate an RIR to follow it - since anyone can follow an
RFC that doesen't require them to do anything.

In short, this isn't a standards RFC.

As for the presense or not of the word "lame" well that is
irrelevant as well.  For all we know the RFC author is crippled
and has a personal dislike to the word "lame"  I do notice that
for all his political correctness on not using the word "lame"
he has no problem using the word "spam" rather than the more
formal (and correct in this instance) term "UCE" aka Unsolicited
Commercial Email.


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>How many of you who have commented on the in-addr.arpa issue, have read
>this draft?
>As you might guess, by the number 05 at the end, this is the 5th version
>of the draft and is getting pretty darn close to becoming a published
>If your suggestions for new ARIN policy, or for ARIN operational
>procedures, do not agree with some part of this draft, you might want to
>contact the author or join the DNSOP working group here
>I note that the word "lame" does not appear in the above draft.
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