[ppml] Policy Proposal: Modification to Reverse Mapping Policy

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Thu Sep 13 06:22:49 EDT 2007

> I have a hard time following the rest of the rationale.  What 
> I can buy is asking ARIN to suspend/remove a name server if 
> it's inclusion in the DNS causes sustained negative 
> operational consequences.  This is limited to the zone 
> involved (not the network), as that is the extent of the DNS "damage."

The only way that ARIN can determine whether or not there is sustained
negative operational consequences is to wait for complaints and then
follow them up. They do this now. No policy is needed to cover this.

There are no existing tools that can determine whether or not sustained
negative operational consequences exist. You would need dozens of
servers scattered around North America on several different ISP networks
in order to detect sustained negative operational consequences. It is a
waste of money to develop such a system in order to support a free
service, i.e. in-addr.arpa hosting.

--Michael Dillon

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