[ppml] Policy Proposal: Modification to Reverse Mapping Policy

David Schwartz davids at webmaster.com
Wed Sep 12 15:34:56 EDT 2007

> I oppose this proposal, this is an operational issue.
> Regards,
> Linda Werner
> Satellite Communication Systems, Inc.

I think reverse address delegation is one area where ARIN has to have
operational policies. We avoid operation issues with respect to address
space because we don't care what people use their address space for. But
reverse DNS delegation has a specific operational use and when ARIN refers a
person to a particular server for reverse DNS delegation, it has an
obligation to make sure that delegation works.

To those people who say ARIN has no business policing this, I ask you this:
Suppose some company starting listing your nameservers as secondaries for
all of their blocks. Would you want ARIN to be powerless to do anything when
it's ARIN's delegation to your nameserver's that's hurting you?

This is a case where ARIN does something other than assigning addresses. It
is something that is operational and has the potential to hurt people if not
done right. ARIN should not be required to blindly follow the demands of
those who qualify for address space.

IOW, just because you qualify for address space doesn't mean ARIN should be
required to delegate the corresponding reverse zones anywhere you ask them


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