[ppml] Is this Lame or what?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Tue Sep 11 20:51:31 EDT 2007

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>That is a good point, and I had the very same question before  
>posting. So I emailed the ARIN hostmaster for a clarification.
>Hostmaster confirmed what you state below:
>"Only if all of zones for a given name server of a specific network  
>registration are lame, is the delegation registration deemed lame"
>That is valid, correct, and should stay as-is.
>Here is the problem. There is an ISP with a /22 network registration  
>(4 /24's). Everything is delegated to a set of DNS servers. Those DNS  
>servers correctly answer SOA request for 3 out of 4 of the /24 in- 
>addr.arpa's. However, that last /24 was left out, and the ISPs DNS  
>server does not answer on the SOA request, even though the ISP uses  
>that /24.
>So the question is, what do we do? Under current ARIN policy it  
>sounds like the above scenario does not deem the ISP's /22 reverse  
>dns delegation lame. Its only lame if all 4 /24's were lame, but in  
>this case only one is lame. So nothing is done.
>Problem is, this is a problem! If any /24 in-addr.arpa is lame, even  
>though other /24's in the ISP's network registration are not, the ISP  
>should still be considered "partially" lame, and should still be  
>contacted by ARIN to remedy the situation.

John I disagree - the ISP should only be contacted by ARIN after an
attempt is made to contact the ISP by the complaintant and the ISP
has proven nonresponsive.

>And the overriding rationale for all of this is that the one lame /24  
>is causing issues (like timeouts) for other people on the internet.
>Its like sending 4 kids to school. 3 have their books and homework,  
>and 1 has nothing. The 1 kid with nothing will cause issues for the  
>teacher and the rest of the class. Now is it as bad as sending all 4  
>kids to school if all 4 had no books or homework... No. But its still  
>bad, and the parents should be called in for a teachers meeting due  
>to their irresponsibility!

No this isn't an exact analogy because the privacy laws basically
prevent other parents from contacting the parent of the kid without his
homework (since the teachers are prohibited from discussing the
kid with other parents) so the school has to be the one to call the
bad parent.


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