[ppml] Comments on ARIN's reverse DNS mapping policy

McTim dogwallah at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 07:18:29 EDT 2007

On 9/11/07, John Curran <jcurran at istaff.org> wrote:
> At 10:30 AM +0100 9/11/07, <michael.dillon at bt.com> wrote:
> >
> >Just sending email to POCs offering in-addr.arpa is not enough. An email
> >message to POCs should ask for DNS server administrator contacts. Then
> >these people, who can be expected to have a better understanding of the
> >technical issues as well as the ability to act and put in-addr.arpa
> >zones in nameservers, could be offered the service. It wouldn't be a bad
> >idea to also send some material by postal mail to Domain Name Service
> >Administrator c/o Network Operator, in cases where the POC request fails
> >to elicit a viable response.
> Does anyone know how this issue is handled in other regions?

In RIPEland there is a rev-srv: attribute whose value is meant to be the email
address of the person handling reverse.  This is being deprecated however,
since it has only been used sparingly by only a very few folk.

Mr. Van Essen has hinted that the block in question may be a /16, in
which case it seems that perhaps his upstream might not know they can
do reverse on the whole /16 in one go, and not need to reverse
individual /24s.


$ whois -h whois.afrinic.net mctim

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