[ppml] Comments on ARIN's reverse DNS mapping policy

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Tue Sep 11 05:16:50 EDT 2007


	I have spent three weeks with the ISP, and they are either
incompetent or unwilling to resolve, or both.
	And it is definitely not a case of them rolling out a new /24
and simply forgetting to add it to their DNS server. I have done some
digging around, and they have massive amounts of IPs ranges that have no
in-addr.arpa mappings. 
	I understand some people think that this is an ISP-and-customer
issue, but when an ISP who has a /16 or larger assignment and they
engage in activity that literally slows down external resolvers
throughout the internet by causing tons of excessive reverse DNS
timeouts, I do feel it is ARIN's responsibility to have a policy that
will official denounce this practice 

It is not ARIN's responsibility to police the Internet. And ARIN policy
should not get involved in such things. And, in fact, it is not an error
to have missing in-addr.arpa delegations. My company has several such
missing delegations on purpose. And I know of at least one company whose
multibillion dollar per year business depends on a lame delegation for a
.com domain name. Reality is much stranger than you can imagine. 
If you want to make a formal suggestion to ARIN that it contact ISPs who
have not registered in-addr.arpa nameservers to suggest that it is a
good idea, if the address range is in use on the public Internet, then I
would support that. The formal suggestion box is here:
ARIN offers in-addr.arpa service to all holders of IP allocations. It
seems reasonable to contact organization who are not using this service
to inform them that the service is available and how to get their
nameservers properly registered. Further, it wouldn't hurt to point them
to some Internet DNS best practices documents so they have a guide that
covers things like putting some zone files into the registered
nameservers as well.
--Michael Dillon
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