[ppml] Comments on ARIN's reverse DNS mapping policy

Sam Weiler weiler at tislabs.com
Tue Sep 11 02:19:40 EDT 2007

> 3. Several functions on my PC incur long reverse DNS timeouts (up to 
> 30 seconds) as a result. i.e. sending mail through smtp, telnet and 
> ssh connections, and any other protocol which natively has built in 
> reverse DNS checks. 4. Contact ISP to resolve, no luck. 5. Contacted 
> ISPs ARIN Tech/Abuse/NOC POCs, still no luck.

I'm wondering if it would be sufficient to have ARIN act _far_ more
swiftly to remove the lame delegations.  While that wouldn't get good
PTR records published, it should cure the long timeout problem.

We already require ARIN to do that removal, but, in my experience, it
can take ARIN months to do so.  Might it be more reasonable to ask
ARIN to act faster, perhaps within a week or two?  To be clear, I'm
only talking about removing the DNS delegations (NS records) for the
address blocks, not revoking the IP assignment/allocation.

Section 7.2 of the NRPM (from policy proposal 2005-3) says:

"ARIN will actively identify lame DNS name server(s) for reverse
address delegations associated with address blocks allocated, assigned
or administered by ARIN. Upon identification of a lame delegation,
ARIN shall attempt to contact the POC for that resource and resolve
the issue. If, following due diligence, ARIN is unable to resolve the
lame delegation, ARIN will update the WHOIS database records resulting
in the removal of lame servers."  [Note that this just changed on
August 22nd; before that, the NRPM had the text from policy proposal
2002-1, which required flagging of lame records.  The replacement
policy was adopted in June 2005 but just made it into the NRPM in the
last month.]

Perhaps the AC will work with you on a modification of this policy
that requires a faster response time from ARIN.

-- Sam

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