[ppml] Legacy /24s

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Mon Sep 3 16:48:54 EDT 2007

i was with you right up to this:

> However, I think we are running fairly far afield here, point is, adding
> routes to the global table is "expensive", which is why the community likes
> to avoid it, where possible.

all human actions, according to von mises and others, have costs and benefits.
for the action of "add one more route to the global table" the cost is borne
by the community and the principle benefit comes to the actor.

what the community is looking for isn't growth avoidance per se, but rather,
cost:benefit symmetry.  if someone's bringing in compelling content or large
populations of new eyeballs, then global table growth has a community benefit
that offsets its community cost.  if myspace wants to multihome a /24 for a
web service that makes 3G cell phones sell like hotcakes, then the community
would be ready to say "sure, take a slot for that."  if vixie enterprises
wants to multihome a /24 so as to avoid a renumbering penalty when we change
providers, the community would be ready to say, "why don't you go pound sand?"

again, table growth isn't by itself a leading indicator of goodness/badness.
it's cost:benefit symmetry at the community level that gets people out of bed
and has them flaming on PPML in their bathrobes in the middle of sunday night.

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