[ppml] IPv6 flawed?

Colin Alston colin at thusa.co.za
Mon Sep 3 06:01:57 EDT 2007

On 03/09/2007 10:57 Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:
> At the last IETF meeting, the DHCP server flaked out several times.  
> IPv6 stateless autoconfig was solid as a rock. Same thing at a RIPE  
> meeting a few years ago, unless I misremember. DHCP is actually not  
> that easy to get right in the presence of failing hard- and software.  
> With stateless autoconfig you can boot up a new router and take the  
> old one down a few minutes later with no real service interruption.

Off-topic, but RADV can't provide autoconfiguration of DNS [1], WINS, 
TFTP, dynamic DNS updates and NTP servers etc - something critical to 
most operations especially in the VoIP world with PnP SIP phones.

I think the volume of current DHCPv4 capabilities would be easiest to 
(and, well, already have been) implement in DHCPv6 rather than hacks 
to stateless autoconfiguration as part of the IPv6 standard.

[1] - There is this draft RFC.. 

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