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On 9/2/07, Leo Bicknell <bicknell at ufp.org> wrote:
> A T640, 12416, or CSR-1 are all well over 150k to get the empty
> chassis, and have linecards that run $100-$300k each.


Well, the 12416 fully loaded is running in the $10k to $80k range on
the second hand market right now. The T640 is running moderately
higher. I don't know about the CSR-1.

Anyway how many of these have been sold? 10k? 20k? And of the number
sold, how many have been deployed to Internet DFZ functions as opposed
to interior functions or enterprise functions? And where they were
deployed, was it because the prior router couldn't expand to meet the
traffic demand or was it because the prior router couldn't handle the
number of routes?

If you're telling me that 50% of the DFZ routers are these biggest of
the big iron and they face the same FIB issues as my poor Sup2 then my
estimate of a PI route's cost needs some revision. If you're talking
10% and and traffic capacity as the main driver then the impact on the
final numbers won't be enough to waste time on the analysis.

> > I pulled out and leafed through my old "Internet Protocol Next
> > Generation" book from 1997. Do you realize just how few of the design
> > goals have panned out operationally? Its appalling.
> I believe the number that panned out would be zero so far, right?

I didn't want to be the one to say it for fear that someone would
point out some clever function I overlooked.

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