[ppml] Legacy /24s

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Sun Sep 2 00:43:07 EDT 2007

> > Your numbers also only account for the hardware cost. [...]
> > In short, I'm afraid your estimate is WAY low on cost per device.
> They don't account for the electricity cost for running the
> power-hungry TCAMs and the required air conditioning capacity either.
> Nor do they exclude the cost attribution associated with the routers'
> traffic capacity and age-related upgrades rather than route capacity.

i think that as with dotcomenomics, we're expected to grow our way outta this.

> I pulled out and leafed through my old "Internet Protocol Next Generation"
> book from 1997. Do you realize just how few of the design goals have panned
> out operationally? Its appalling.

yes, it is.  but from a policy standpoint, that doesn't matter.  we're going
to run out of new ipv4 soon, and there are three ways to jump:

	1. stop growing the network
	2. dramatically increase NATism
	3. use IPv6

of the three, i like #4.  of the three we actually have, though, i pick #3.

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